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Gain your independence with our driving lessons

Learn to drive at your own pace

As soon as we hit 17, many of us want to start driving and earn that first real piece of independence. At Betta Results School of Motoring we're committed to helping you pass your driving test. We offer lessons, theory support and more to drivers throughout Manchester and the surrounding areas. No matter your age, previous experience or current driving ability, we're here to help you succeed at a pace that suits you.

All vehicles that we use are fitted with dual controls, giving you the reassurance that we always have your back. Get in touch to book your next lesson.

Teaching people to drive since '91

Beginner courses for all abilities
Many who come to us to learn to drive are doing so for the first time. We take a friendly, patient approach with all learners, and take the time to understand your existing knowledge of driving, so we can provide a tailored learning experience. Our learner vehicles are modern, safe and easy to get used to. Most lessons typically last an hour, but we are happy to arrange longer sessions where required. 

When you're ready to take the test, we'll do practice assessments, so you understand what to expect on the real test. We'll also support you with your theory test preparation, which must be completed before you take a practical test.

For those who want to take all their lessons in one concentrated block, we also offer intensive driving courses. These courses combine months of weekly driving lessons into a couple of weeks, with a session almost every day. Ideal for anyone who's committed to passing as soon as possible, or those who want to put all their attention into driving.
Advanced driving courses
So you've passed, your test and you're out on the roads on your own. Whilst driving tests in the UK are comprehensive, they don't teach you everything. At Betta Results School of Motoring we also provide the Pass Plus course, which is an extra 6-hour course you can take that teaches more advanced driving skills, including:
  • Driving at night
  • Driving on motorways
  • Driving on rural roads
  • How to adjust your driving for rain and bad weather
  • Safer town and city driving
Learning these skills will help you become a safer, more confident driver, and can even reduce your insurance premiums.
Refresher courses for all drivers
Perhaps you passed your test in your youth, and it's been a while since you were last behind the wheel. Or perhaps you've not needed to use your licence until now. Betta Results School of Motoring provides refresher driving lessons, ideal for anyone with a valid licence who needs reminding on the basics or needs some extra confidence in getting back on the road.

FAQ - your questions answered

  • How many lessons will it take for me to pass my test? That will depend on the following: how quickly you learn, how much practice you get, and how much preparation you do. Each person is different, and we will advise on when we feel you are ready to take your test.
  • Can I use my own car for a driving test? You are welcome to drive a car you own if you have one instead of our learner car, providing it has an MOT, is taxed and insured, has no warning lights on the dashboard, has good tyres, and can reach at least 62mph. Please check the full  government  guidelines  as there are additional limitations , and some cars cannot be used as test cars at all.
  • What if it is raining/snowing on my test? Tests will normally continue as scheduled unless the weather is extreme, for example, flooding or deep snow along test routes. If unsure, call your local test centre (this will be on your  test confirmation letter or email).

"Brilliant and very professional instructor"

"Brilliant and very professional instructor. He made me feel more confident and relaxed. I had an enjoyable time learning and passed within a couple of months. Would strongly recommend to anyone with all the abilities."

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Book driving lessons for all areas of Manchester and the surrounding areas with Betta Results School 
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